Defend-it Legal Services Legal Corporation provides a broad range of investigation services on behalf of private individuals, businesses as employers or otherwise, insurance companies, as well as legal firms or parties within litigation.  Issues investigated may include fraud discovery, employee theft including time theft, marital infidelity, vehicle tracking, among other issues.

Private Investigation Services
Convenient, Discrete, and Efficient Process
Employment Concerns

Includes due diligence investigations during the pre-screening of potential employees, fraud or theft concerns including time theft, company vehicle tracking, among other things..

Vehicle Tracking

Involves concerns such as knowing where vehicles are driven for concerns such as employee time theft or product theft concerns as well as how safely vehicles are driven, and other concerns.

Domestic Concerns

Includes discrete surveillance for discovery or gathering proof of abusive conduct, marital infidelity, personal security, computer use or telephone use forensics, skip tracing, and much more.

Avoiding Surprises

Defend-it Legal Services Legal Corporation helps to ensure that you are fully informed with the full facts when making important decisions about your business management concerns or your personal life concerns.  Know who you are dealing with and what others are up to.  When you need diligently gathered information, Defend-it Legal Services Legal Corporation can help.

Defend-it Legal Services Legal Corporationprovides affordable services as a Private Investigator in:

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