A person granted Notary Public and Commissioner for Taking Affidavits status is granted special powers by various governing authorities within a local jurisdiction that permits the person to taking oaths from people who are swearing or affirming an Affidavit or Statutory Declaration, among other documents, as well as for the verifying that signatures and marks upon, or copies of, documents are true and authentic.

Certified Copies of Documents

Notarization or certification of copies of original documents.

Affidavits and Declarations

Administering of an oath or solemn declaration.

Passports and Identity

Certification of photographs and documents supporting identify.

Permanent Resident Cards

Certification of copies of legal name change documents.

Consent to Travel Letters

Notarization or certification of consent to travel letters.

Statutory Declarations

Administration of a solemn declaration for a statutory declaration.

Notary Public

There are many official signed documents that must be notarized to become valid.  Examples include certificates of birth, adoption, marriage, or divorce, as well as real estate transactions documents, government documents, and many more.  Notarizing a document is an organized and efficient service that typically requires only five (5) to ten (10) minutes.

Commissioner for Taking Affidavits

Instead of notarizing a document as a true copy or as containing a true signature or marks, among other notary functions, many documents instead require 'commissioning'.  A Commissioner for Taking Affidavits is empowered to administer an Oath and to witness the swearing or affirming of the Oaths of truth regarding statements made within an Affidavit or Declaration.  Of course, such is without saying that the Commissioner for Taking Affidavits confirms that what is stated within the document is true whereas the Commissioner for Taking Affidavits merely witnesses and confirms that the Deponent, being the person who swears or affirms the Oath, states that the contents of the document are true.


Due to the recent pandemic crisis, notary and commissioning services may be available as an online virtual experience rather than as an in-person experience.  Ask if this option is available for you.


Pricing for notarizing and commissioning services may vary subject to the nature of the particular requirements of the documents involved, the particular circumstances involved, and the expected time involved.

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