Criminal Background (CPIC) CheckAt Defend-It Legal Services you can obtain your Criminal Record (CPIC) Check online.  You now do not need to attend a police station again for this type of service in the privacy and convenience of your home or office.  No more lineups or waiting for sometimes weeks for this documentation. Private, safe and discrete.

Defend-it Legal Services in partnership with Global ID Services have an agreement with Cobourg Police Service (in Cobourg, Ontario) who conducts our federal Criminal Record (CPIC) searches on behalf of Defend-it Legal Services and Global ID Services. 

Your response will be sent to your email inbox which usually takes up to thirty (30) minutes during regular business hours.  If you order an embossed sealed copy, it will be mailed to the address you specify.  It is that simple!

Defend-It Legal Services provides the following Criminal Record (CPIC) Checks:

Standard Criminal Record (CPIC) Check or a Criminal Records Check (CRC)

A CRC is a basic check for criminal convictions only.  This type of search, for example is appropriate for the following:

  • Employment purposes
  • By-Law licencing or other regulatory licencing
  • Immigration purposes
  • Financial institutions
  • Travel industry
  • Retail industry 

This type of search is not appropriate for individuals seeking employment or volunteer positions with children or vulnerable persons.

Enhanced Criminal Record (CPIC) Check or a Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check (CRJMC) 

A CRJMC are for individuals who are seeking employment or volunteer positions that require a criminal record check but a search of the Sex Offenders Registry (SOR) with a record suspension (pardon) is not required.  This type of search, for example is appropriate for the following:

  • Employment purposes (CEO, Board of Directors, Management or persons who need to be bondable)
  • Border crossing into the United States (US Waivers)
  • Visas
  • IT Personnel
  • Construction staff at daycares, schools, hospitals and long-term care facilities

This type of search is appropriate for individuals who are not directly in a position of trust or authority with children or vulnerable persons.

Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC)

A VSC must be initiated and conducted at the police service in the jurisdiction that you reside in. A police service may provide a letter authorizing elimination fingerprints to be taken at a Federally Accredited Fingerprinting Agency.  A VSC is a combination of a CRJMC and a SOR check.  Anyone who is in direct contact, position of trust or authority with children or vulnerable persons need a VSC.

  • Standard Criminal Record (CPIC) Check - $49.99 + HST
  • Enhanced Criminal Record (CPIC) Check - $55.99 + HST
  • Printed and sealed copy – 1st copy - $10.00 + HST
  • Printed and sealed certificate – subsequent copies - $6.00 + HST
  • Canada Post ID Verification - $25.00 + HST

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All payments are made online.  We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Debit (VISA/Mastercard).  Your credit card/bank statement will show your payment to Global ID Services for your reference.

Questions and Answers 

Q. What does CPIC stand for?

A. The Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) is the central police database where Canada's law enforcement agencies can access information on a number of matters including criminal convictions, pending charges and more.

Q. What is a the difference between a Standard Criminal Record (CPIC) Check and an Enhanced Criminal Record (CPIC) Check?

A. The following explains the difference between the two online services.

Standard Criminal Record (CPIC) Check:

  • Criminal convictions from CPIC and/or local databases.

Enhanced Criminal Record (CPIC) Check:

The Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check will include the following information;

  • Criminal convictions from CPIC and/or local databases. 
  • Summary convictions, for five years, when identified. 
  • Findings of Guilt under the Youth Criminal Justice Act within the applicable disclosure period. 
  • Outstanding entries, such as charges and warrants, judicial orders, Peace Bonds, Probation and Prohibition Orders. As per CPIC policy, information obtained from the Investigative Databank must be confirmed and authorized for release by the contributing agency. 
  • Absolute and conditional discharges for 1 or 3 years respectively.

The Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check WILL NOT include:

  • Convictions where a record suspension has been granted. 
  • Convictions under provincial statutes. 
  • Local police contact. 
  • Ministry of Transportation information (PARIS). 
  • Special Interest Police (SIP) category of CPIC. 
  • Family Court restraining orders. 
  • Foreign information. 
  • A Vulnerable Sector (VS) Query of sex offenders with a record suspension to ascertain if the applicant has been convicted of and granted a record suspension for any of the sexual offences that are listed in the schedule to the Criminal Records Act (CRA). 
  • Any reference to incidents involving mental health contact. 
  • Diversions will not be released as police contact and no reference to the occurrence is permitted (CC S. 717.4). 
  • Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) information beyond applicable disclosure period. 
  • Any reference to contagious diseases. 
  • Dispositions including, but not limited to, Withdrawn, Dismissed, and cases of Not Criminally Responsible by Reason of Mental Disorder.

Q. Can I do a Vulnerable Sector Check online?

A. The simple answer is no.  You must attend the Police Service where you reside and fill out the police application for a Vulnerable Sector Check.  If the police require for you to do elimination fingerprints, you will receive an authorization letter from the corresponding Police Service to attend a Federally Accredited Fingerprinting Service to have this procedure done.  Defend-it Legal Services is a Federally Accredited Fingerprinting Service and we can easily assist you.

You will need 2 forms of government issued identification with one having a picture.  You will also need a letter from the corresponding employer or volunteer agency requesting this type of search when you attend the Accredited Fingerprinting Service.

The results will be sent back to the appropriate Police Service for further processing.

Q. How long does it take to get my results online?

A. It generally takes up to 30 minutes to receive a copy of the results during regular business hours.

Q. Why is my results from Cobourg Police Service?

A. Cobourg Police Service has an agreement with Global ID services to provide CPIC records on behalf of this online portal system.  This CPIC information is obtained from the central police criminal record repository maintained federally by the RCMP.  It does not matter which Police Service in Canada provides this criminal information as it is ultimately obtained from the RCMP central database nationally.

Q. Is my personal information safe?

A. Absolutely!  Our portal uses bank-grade encryption over Secure Socket Layers (SSL).

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