In today's world of mitigating risk, it is becoming more and more important to know the credentials of a person first before conducting business, signing a contract, hiring a prospective employee or renting space to a prospective tenant.  There is much to lose!  For example, if a prospect has poor credit or their identity cannot be validated, you may have to spend thousands of dollars later in civil litigation if things go wrong.  It is crucially important to vet those risks before entering into any agreement.  It is too late and risky after-the-fact.

At Defend-it Legal Services, we will help you mitigate your risks by conducting full due-diligence background checks on your behalf.  All of the application and result processes are online.  Your prospect provides all the information and consent discretely online.

These due diligence services includes the following:

  • Criminal Record (CPIC) Check
  • Local Police Records Check 
  • Credit Check (Equifax)
  • Employment Verification
  • Education Verification 
  • Identity Verification 
  • Driver's Licence Abstract 

This service is especially geared to:

  • Landlords seeking prospective tenants
  • Employers conducting a background check for any of the above-noted services before a hire 
  • HR Professionals 
  • Or any other professional/entity requiring these types of due diligence services 


At Defend-it Legal Services, we will help you navigate Circumstances Requiring Criminal Background Checks
A Criminal Background Check is a Convenient, Discrete, and Efficient Process
Civil Applications

Criminal background checks are regularly required by licensing bodies such as the Law Society of Ontario and the Ontario Real Estate Association, among other things.

Vulnerable Sector Checks

Criminal background checks are often required for volunteers and staff in contact with vulnerable members of society such as children, the elderly, or persons with disabilities.

Citizenship and Immigration

Criminal background checks are often required for Applications for Canadian Citizenship and Immigration to Canada including the Express Entry Stream.

Defend-it Legal Servicesprovides affordable servicesas a Paralegal including Canadian Full Background Check in:

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